About our Healing

Healing with Nature

Nature can be tough and unforgiving. We embrace the difficulties that we are presented and take a deep breath of fresh air to accomplish what is at hand. Being outdoors provides peace and eliminates modern stressors that veterans face in their daily life.  All veterans who have come to our property have said they feel relaxed and can enjoy themselves. Whether a veteran forms a lasting tribe or temporary, the goal is to show them how time in nature can provide sustained healing.   

Look at our Events Calendar for upcoming healing sessions.


Types of healing we offer

Peer Support


We are partnering with Growing Veterans to provide Peer Support Training onsite.   Their formal Peer Support training is a hands on learning experience, developed by veterans and mental health care professionals - for veterans, civilians, businesses and organizations committed to the wellness of veterans.  



Loking for a getaway packed with adventure, great views, amazing food, and limited cell service? Look no further. Whether you are looking to do a 12 day vision fast or bring your business group out for some clear thinking, we work with you to create a soul touching experience.  

Team Building


Are you and your team struggling with cohesion? Our team building weekend goes beyond the boring trust catching exercise. We focus on breaking down barrriers with exercise and stress. Consider it Bootcamp for your team.  Don’t worry about if some of your team is not physically fit. We are trained to handle all builds. Everybody will equally suffer and equally come out accomplished and fired up to tackle your hardest obstacles.



We believe the best way to heal the mind is to start with the body. We offer weekly meditation and yoga classes as a way to get grounded in the body and center ourselves. Classes will be led by Amy Andrews, a 500 hr certified yoga instructor. All classes are all levels and open to the public for a small donation. Anyone is welcome to come practice as part of our community.