Community Housing

About Our Community Housing

2019 Housing Initiative!

As we have matured our farming, training, and healing initiatives at Tatley Outpost the past few years, we are ready to take the next step of expansion.   In 2018 we have had over 50 Veterans to the ranch, helping with farming, attending retreats, or getting in some training.  As we add more crop acreage, add more programs, and conduct more activities in 2019, we will need more workers and be hosting more Veterans.  

Our biggest obstacle to meeting these demands and expanding our impact is housing.  As with Western Washington, there is a shortage of housing inventory across Eastern Washington, especially affordable housing.  We are currently building out our plans and early drawings for our housing community.  The site is estimated for 10-12 tiny homes and two community buildings.  The housing will support several full time Veteran workers and Veterans in transit coming through our programs.  

We are seeking investments and partnerships for this initiative.  Please help support our efforts to provide affordable housing to our great Veterans who are looking for training, healing, and business incubation in our ecosystem.   With several Veterans ready to start their farms with us the timing is now!