About our Training

We are Always Learning

We believe in a continual state of learning throughout life.  We love sharing with others what we have learned and working with experts to tap their knowledge.  With a learning mind set we engage our community partners, non-profit partners, and formulate our own training.  Our training will span a wide range of curriculum across the spectrum of farming and ranching, both hands-on and class room style.

Training can range from the very basics of irrigation systems to advanced hydroponic techniques, or from putting up deer fence to fertilization, and apple tree pruning to picking hops. 

The majority of our training is open to everyone, but we do have some classes that are only for Veterans. Check out our Events Calendar for our upcoming training, and please reach out to us up if there is a specific request to support the community.


Types of training we offer

Farmer for a Day


Come shadow one of our Veteran workers and see what it is like to work a particular job as a farmer.  How to plant tomatoes, hops, or a new cherry tree?  How to trim apple trees or operating the mower?  We can customize any farmer activity for your pleasure!

Ranch Life


What are the types of skills you need to work on and operate a ranch?  How about putting in a culvert to manage water run off?  Putting up fencing?  Or any number of helpful topics throughout the year.

Monthly Workshops


Once a month we have a seasonal topic that we present based on what is happening at the Tatley Outpost.  We open up these discussions to the community to share and learn from one another.

Partner Training


Similar to our Monthly Workshops we will coordinate regular seasonal topics with our partners to provide training to the community!