Welcome to
Tatley Outpost

a veteran operated ranch 

creating global impact through a community approach

What We Do


We have over 40 acres of existing farm with numerous types of crops. We are looking to expand as fast as we can with new Veteran farmers.


Whether it is a 12 day vision fast for Veterans, a team building weekend, or a yoga class with majestic views, we provide numerous "nature-driven" healing classes and activities.


Partnering with many of our non-profit partners we provide numerous types of training opportunities across the spectrum of farming, ranching, and sustainability.

Outdoor Adventures

Being outdoors and going on adventures is in our DNA.  We have created some great experiences to share with you!


We are currently in the process of designing a small Veteran Community to support our ecosystem.  Ask us how you can help!

Community Service

Whether it is giving food to those in need or helping a Veteran start their own business we always put our Community first.