Non-Profit Partners

Creating Impact with Non-Profits

We believe in building real business, with real jobs, and driving profits to support the core of our mission.  We then leverage profits to fund critical training, housing, and healing needs working with our non-profit partners.  This approach allows us to have a self-sustaining ecosystem.  Driving donations and fund raising with our non-profit partners then helps us all expand our efforts to create greater impact and move past the "keep the lights on" scenario that plagues so many non-profits.

Examples of where and how we work with our non-profit partners:  When a Veteran needs training and advice to start their farm at our Outpost we team with Farmer Veteran Coalition to get them the support they need.  We leverage our amazing landscape for Growing Veterans to run healing retreats.  We work with Bunker Labs to incubate a new cider business using our crops, or a new farming technology testing on our site.  We are working with GreenWave to pull kelp into the farming ecosystem - completing the sea to land vision.  


Strategic Non-Profit Partners


Working closely with Growing Veterans we provide additional training and healing sessions at our Outpost.  We are also providing opportunities for Veterans to start their own farms after spending time with them.


We are super excited to be working closely with GreenWave as they make their way to the West Coast.  Together we will complete the sea to land ecosystem by bringing kelp into our farming approaches.


We love the dedication from Farmer Veteran Coalition to helping Veterans get into farming.  Their peer support and training teamed with our Outpost makes for the ideal mix for a new Veteran farmer.


The Mission Continues rally's Veterans to complete great community service projects.  We are love working with them to create greater impact.


The team at Bunker Labs is helping Veterans innovate new businesses.  Partnering together we are helping to create even more Veteran businesses to complement our ecosystem.


Mike Schindler with Operation Military Family Cares is dedicated to helping built better solutions for transitioning active duty military back home.  He is a vital advisor on helping us build community and programs to help this mission.


We work with many different American Legion chapters to support our Veterans.  Whether it's teaming together to help a Veteran in need or the American Legion sponsoring one of our programs.


We work with many different VFW chapters to support our Veterans.  Whether it's teaming together to help a Veteran in need or the VFW sponsoring one of our programs.