Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide training?

Yes.  We providing training across the spectrum of farming and ranch jobs, and much more.  View our Training page and our Calendar for events.  Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

Do you only work with Veterans?

Our primary focus is on working with Veterans, but we believe there is a community eco-system that involves everyone.  Some of our healing programs and events are Veteran only, but many others are open for everyone.

Are you a non-profit?

No we are not a non-profit.  The core of our eco-system is based on real farming and agriculture business, which funds many of our programs to help Veterans.  We then partner closely with several non-profits.

I am interested in starting a farm? Can you help?

Yes.  We have several ways that we can help Veterans get started with their own farm business in our community.  By providing several levels of support we can help you safely get started while being surrounded by a great peer network.

Where can I buy your products?

Currently you can contact us directly to discuss what crops you would be interested in and how we can work with you.  We are also working with several other Veteran farmers to create a presence within existing farmers markets - stay tuned for those updates in 2019.

Can I donate to help?

Yes.  We sponsor and assist with the healing and training programs we run on our site with our non-profit partners.  Additional donations will allow us to run more of these activities and help even more Veterans, so we appreciate donations greatly.  These donations go directly through our non-profit partners.   We are working on a simpler way for individuals to make these donations through our site.

Additionally, we are seeking investments in our housing initiative and in expanding our farm acreage.  These are both great long term investments with an equity play, while providing more Veteran jobs and increase profits to feed back into our ecosystem.  Please reach out to us with inquiries.