Community Partners

It all Starts with Community

We believe that strong communities should be at the foundation of everything.  Working side by side helping one another, sharing successes and failures together, and creating great experiences along the way.  Our community starts with all the amazing individuals that work with us day in and day out, who are committed to helping one another.  We are then blessed with an extended community of businesses and civil organizations that support our mission.   These organizations help us get our crops to market, help us give back in meaningful ways, or support our efforts through donations to our non-profit partners.  Most importantly these companies share the same passion for doing good and creating positive impact to our communities.  

Working together we will create larger impact and restore community spirit that is missing in our world today.  We are blessed to not only have so many great partners, but to call our partners friends.


Community Supporters


Sweet River Bakery is the heart beat of Pateros, WA.  Their fresh pastries and afternoon pizzas is matched by their stellar customer service.  We are proud to supply them with fresh produce throughout the year.


Chelan Valley CrossFit is an avid supporter of our mission and community centered approach.  They bring great experience and innovative ideas to our training, healing, and outdoor adventures.


We are member with Chelan Fruit to process our Apples and Cherries.  They are great partners, whether it is in planning for new crops or providing the latest and greatest industry techniques and knowledge.


Craig Homchick and team have been an amazing partner with us from the beginning, helping us make sure all our ecosystem is financially sound.  We also thank them for their donated hours and experience to help our larger Veteran mission.


Golden Acts helps provide us inspiration for "making the world a better place", and along the way helps us engage our communities in doing good.  Whether it is giving produce to the homeless or hungry, or corrdinating volunteer efforts with the Veteran community to give back, they are with us spreading kindness.


Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward have been a great partner from the beginning, helping us set up our companies, navigating water rights, configure partnership agreements, and anything else we have needed.  We want to thank Todd Kiesz in particular for everything he continues to do to help our mission. 

City, County, and State Supporters