Mission and Vision


About Us

Tatley Outpost (also doing business as Tatley Farms) is an LLC for profit company, that has been built from the ground up to create community impact and “Make the World a Better Place”.  It is our belief that in today’s world there needs to be an ecosystem of for profit, non-profit, government, and community organizations all working together to provide and create the social and environmental impact the world needs.

At their core Tatley Outpost is a ranch and farm, build on the 1,600-acre ranch of the Tatley family in Pateros, WA. The center of the operations is a 40+ acre apple and cherry orchard, surrounded by acres of row crops and livestock.  The entire day-to-day operation is run by Veterans and their families.  Embedded within the operation are programs to assist Veterans with their own farms on the property, training programs, nature driven healing programs, outdoor adventures, and a housing community. 

Our Mission

" Provide opportunities and a community for Veterans to work, learn, heal, and have fun in a nature centric environment, while creating impact towards the world’s greatest challenges"

Our Vision - What We Imagine

human kindness has been reinstalled into our daily lives - 

we are born with it, let us not forget it

people sharing experiences and knowledge with one another - 

just because it's the right thing to do

the elimination of food waste - and that no child is left hungry

leveraging nature for mind, body, and soul healing - fully embracing nature as our guide

there is only clean energy - generating more than we consume 

living as part of our surroundings - without leaving a footprint

clean water is available to everyone - and a drop is never wasted

technology is put to good use - without losing human touch

all Veterans are embraced into communities after their service -  

and continue making global impact